RUSH: Damn Right I’m Mad! For 5 Years America Was Lied To By The Democrat Party And The Media

RUSH: I got an e-mail, I checked it during the break.  “Rush, you sounded really angry in that opening monologue.”  Folks, I am angry.  If I left something unclear, let me state it, briefly.  For five years this country was lied to by the Democrat Party and the media.  They were lied to about Iraq every day, multiple times a day; lied to about the economy; lied to about torture; lied to about the US military; lied, lied, lied about George W. Bush.  It created public opinion, anti-Bush, anti-America, as it was. It created a false public opinion that set up the election of Barack Obama under totally false premises. 

We have somebody unqualified, unprepared, not smart, not ready for this, doesn’t know what he’s doing and may not even care about foreign policy.  Damn right I’m mad.  This was not supposed to ever happen again.  I listened to what they said.  I know how they got elected.  I know how they ginned up public opinion.  I know what was done.  Let me put it this way.  I don’t forget what was done.  We all know.  Folks, I am practically fit to be tied over this ’cause I had to sit there for five years, 2004 on, I had to listen to liberals saying what stupid idiot Bush was and he sounds like a cowboy and how he’s dumb. 

Then Obama comes on the scene. I had to listen to people tell me how smart he was, and I had to listen to people tell me how stupid Palin was, how stupid Cheney was, how stupid Rumsfeld was, and how dangerous they were and how incompetent, and Halliburton. For five years we all had to listen to a bunch of lies about the American military, uniformed military personnel, generals, secretary of defense, president, Scooter Libby, throw it all in there.

We had to listen to a set of lies all for the purpose of destroying a legitimate military operation.  They’re all legitimate once we commit to them, folks.  That’s the point.  They’re all legitimate once we commit.  Once we commit, we win.  They secured defeat.  They tried to secure defeat.

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