RUSH: Daily Kos Lunatic Gets Hit ‘Smack Right Middle Of The Face’ With Reality Of ObamaCare

RUSH: Daily Kos is a far-left wing, genuine lunatic website.  It is populated by lunatics.  I mean, these are the dyed-in-the-wool, robotic, true believers.  They fall for the leftist agenda.  I mean, they’re victims.  They think everything going on is about making their life better.  They think that’s what Obama’s about and they think the Democrat Party exists to get even with all these people that have been victimizing them and have made them small and poor and average and whatever else they think of themselves. 

They bye it hook, line, and sinker, and so they think that Obamacare is an actual godsend that’s gonna give them all (and everybody) health care at very affordable and maybe even free prices.  One of them, just the first of what will be millions — well, tens of thousands — happened to encounter the truth the other day and wrote about it honestly and got excoriated by the other lunatic robots.  His name is “Tirge Caps,” T-i-r-g-e, Caps.  He’s a “diarist” there, which means, I guess, he posts regularly, and he’s been doing it-for-years.


RUSH: “UPDATE: Updated the title per some requests. I appreciate all the helpful comments.” He was being told where to go F-himself.  So he says, “I appreciate all the helpful comments. I am now on baby duty but will go through these later for more information. I can’t keep up with all the comments right now.  I really do appreciate the helpful comments. Peace all. Peace out.” So here’s this little guy who’s run right up smack-dab into a window of reality. 

It’s hit him smack right middle of the face, and he can’t understand it!  He can’t. This isn’t any reform.  He doesn’t know what happened.  His original headline was: “What the Hell Kind of Reform is This?”  But the comments made him change it to something that was pretty much the same but less incendiary, because the other lunatics knew that this was gonna be ammo for us.  But, you see, what’s happened here is that Obama and the Democrats and the media did a great job of covering up the horrors of Obamacare.

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