RUSH: ‘CRAZY BERNIE’ Sanders Indicates That Trump Can Beat Hillary In Michigan

RUSH: The Drive-By Media and their polling units told everybody that Hillary Clinton was gonna beat Crazy Bernie in Michigan by anywhere from 27 to 30 points.  And Crazy Bernie won.  Nobody really knew because everybody was watching Trump.  But Crazy Bernie beat Hillary last night anywhere from one and a half to two points.  The polls, as I say, had Hillary up anywhere from 27 to 37 points.

This is one of the biggest polling misses in a long time.  The previous record — I looked it up today — previous record for polling inaccuracy had been from 1984 when Walter F. Mondale was supposed to beat Gary Hart(pence) in New Hampshire by 17 points and of course Hart(pence) ended up beating Mondale.  That was just in New Hampshire.  But this Michigan polling fiasco doubled that error.

But here’s the thing.  Bernie Sanders just cleaned up.  You know what the real question about this is?  Did Bernie just indicate that Donald Trump could beat Hillary in Michigan?  Did Bernie beating Hillary — that’s the way you have to look at this, Snerdley.  You have to look at this outside the boundaries they’ve set up for us.  So Hillary gets creamed in a Democrat primary by Crazy Bernie.  And here’s Gerald Seib in the Wall Street Journal with a story talking about all the similarities there are between Crazy Bernie and the Trumpster.  And the commonality is angry white males.  What that means is legitimately ticked off members of the white middle class who have depended on everybody in the establishment, in both parties they voted for, to make their lives better.

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