RUSH: Conservatism Can’t Just Be An Academic Exercise When The Country Is Hanging In The Balance

RUSH: Just a few more excerpts here from the column The Flight 93 Election from  Folks, I want to tell you, if I chose to I could spend probably two hours on this today.  It is that deep.  I should say in depth.  It’s not deep in the sense it’s hard to understand.  Quite the contrary.  But in a nutshell the message and theme — and there are a couple of them here, but if I had to whittle it down, conservatism can’t just be an academic exercise when the country is hanging in the balance.

And the focus within the conservative movement on who is and who isn’t a genuine conservative misses the entire point and is a waste of time when the country is hanging in the balance.  There’s only one possible way to stop the downward trend we’re on, and that’s to beat Hillary Clinton, and the only way to do that is to vote for Donald Trump.  And it’s a plea to intellectual conservatives who refuse to do so.

Can you separate your vote from support?  If you can’t bring yourself to support Trump, can you at least vote for him to stop the downward trend that you all acknowledge is occurring?  This is one of the big themes of the piece:  How can you sit there and agree how rotten things are, how we’re in a downward spiral, how everything we believe in is being transformed and torn apart and not react as though we’re in a big crisis, as though we can just continue to do what we’re doing, writing our same old policy papers, enunciating our same old principles to an audience that is further and further removed by virtue of immigration and other tricks the Democrats are using to totally change the face of the electorate in this country.


MUST READ From The Claremont Institute: The Flight 93 Election

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