Rush CONGRATULATES ‘Pajama Boy’ Ossoff For ‘VICTORY’ In Georgia

RUSH: I want to congratulate Jon Ossoff for his victory in the Georgia special election last night. He called it a victory for the ages. Just such a resounding victory last night for the Democrats and Jon Ossoff, and as a result of this victory, he has to run again.

If he did it once, he can do it again. They’ve got a runoff coming up on June the 20th where Ossoff will no doubt humiliate Trump once again. Ossoff will no doubt embarrass and humiliate the Republican Party and the seat of Newt Gingrich and Tom Price once again.

The Democrats, a great day. No matter where you look in the Drive-By Media, they’re running around celebrating victory today. And I just want to get in on it. I am so happy for ’em. I’m sure they were asking themselves, “When the hell are we gonna win one? We’re feeling like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when are we gonna win one?” They won one last night, folks, it’s so great, I don’t care what network you watch, they won one. It was such a big victory, Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in jail up in a prison in New England. It’s an amazing turn of events that happened.

When you look at where we were yesterday discussing what might happen there. Look at all that Hollywood money, the Democrats spent all that money. By the way, we cannot, we cannot discuss this victory without noting that the Democrats also defeated Russia in this election. So Hollywood, they defeated the Republicans, all 11 of ’em, they defeated Trump, and no doubt defeated the Russians.

I mean, I’m surprised I’m sounding so excited about this. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy about a Democrat win. It’s just the most amazing thing to see out there, and our politics is taking strange turns and twists. In his victory speech, Jon Ossoff, a/k/a Pajama Boy, praised outside money and interests for his win, his own outside money and his own interests for his win.



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