RUSH: Complimentary Condoms At Georgetown University Objectifies Women

RUSHL Georgetown University: “Complementary Condom Delivery Service at Catholic Georgetown University Reportedly Plagued with Vandalism Problems — Students say envelopes of condoms they placed on their doors have been repeatedly been torn down. A student threatened to donate to Planned Parenthood for each act of vandalism,” and this is from the Campus Reform website. “Members of a liberal student group at Catholic Georgetown University in Washington DC, say unknown vandals have repeatedly ripped down envelopes full of condoms they place on their doors as part of a campus-wide ‘condom delivery service.’

“H*yas for Choice, the student group which describes itself as -pro-choice, pro-reproductive justice,- began offering the condom service at the prestigious Catholic school in the fall. Georgetown’s administration said it would not interfere with the displays — despite the school’s Catholic affiliation — because dorm rooms are ‘free speech zones,’ according to an article in Catholic Education Daily.”
Well, hell’s bells, folks! If a Catholic institution is not even gonna stand up for itself, in this case Georgetown…

You’d never see the libs cave in like this.  Their religion is never gonna cave like this.  Honest to God, folks, they have a condom delivery service at Georgetown.  Can these people not see how that objectifies women on that campus?  What the hell is the purpose of a condom?  And they’re doing this under the guise of “reproductive justice”?  How hard is it to have a condom on hand? Uh, how hard is it to have a condom handy at all times. 

Why in the world do you need a condom delivery service unless you are a skinflint who thinks that everybody else ought to be buying your condoms and your birth control pills?  And we happen to know that the hardware plenty of them, and at Georgetown.  Dormitory doors are free-speech zones? Dormitory doors? So the administration can’t step in and stop the complimentary condom delivery service at Georgetown University?

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