Rush Comes Up With Some Great Hashtags: #FreeTheSlaves, #TearDownThisWall, #WhatBlueDress

RUSH:  I’m thinking of some of the great hashtag campaigns of the past.  Imagine if Twitter had been around during the Civil War. Can you imagine Abe Lincoln from the White House, #FreeTheSlaves.  How about McKinley? #SpainOutOfCuba.  How about Reagan? #TearDownThisWall.  How about George H. W. Bush? #GetOutOfKuwait. I don’t even know what Clinton’s hashtag would be. 

Clinton didn’t even take on anything big. (interruption)  Yeah, Clinton #HaveACigar, #BeCarefulTheDress, #WhatBlueDress.  That would be it: #WhatBlueDress. Even the AP asks, “Can a Hashtag Offer Any Help to Abducted Girls,” and here’s how it starts.  I can’t believe this is the AP. “Parents of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls are hoping for a miracle.  So far, all they have is a hashtag.”  (Gasp!)  Even AP.

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