RUSH: Comedians Like Bill Maher Don’t Have Any Idea Of The Damage They’re Doing To The Democrats

RUSH: Bill Maher. Everybody thinks that what Colbert did was beyond the pale. How about Bill Maher on Friday night? Did you hear about this? He literally made a joke that it was up to Ivanka Trump to give her dad oral sex to keep him from going extreme.

That’s her role. That she to go in, if she has to. She has to give him oral sex in order to keep him from going off the reservation. And this stuff is… It’s not even funny. I don’t know how you want to characterize it. But it is… It’s unbalanced. There’s something really, really off about these people on the left. And the question is, “Who’s really driving this?” Are these comedians saying these things because that’s what their audiences want to hear, or are the comedians leading with this attempting to influence their audiences?

Either way, no matter which side of equation you come down on, we are dealing with sincere sickness — some legitimate sickness — that gets cover as “late-night comedy” or, “It’s just a joke. Learn to deal with it.” But it is stuff… You turn this around and say one of these things about Obama’s daughter and see what happens to you, or try something like this on Chelsea Clinton and see what happens to you. (chuckles) I mean, you can forget ever being accepted as a civilized member of your city or town, your community. You’d be fired from your job.

Here it gets analyzed under the guise of critical acclaim and it’s judged to maybe have gone a little bit too far — “a little bit too far.” But then people say, “But we understand what Maher is trying to say here. Trump’s really unpredictable and his moderating influence is his daughter, who he has said he thinks is really beautiful.” So they take that and they run to the most obscene conclusions that they can come up with. I think they’re running out of material, because really, this stuff doesn’t take any talent to come up with. All it takes is coarseness. I don’t know.

In citing this stuff, though, I’m not trying to be pessimistic or negative about Trump or any of this, but there has to be — at some point — a resolution to all this. There has to be a price paid for this kind of stuff. There’s always a price for… I mean, one-tenth of this! If somebody on the right happens to misspeak in a joke or whatever, there’s always a severe and serious price to pay. There’s zero price on the left for any of this. And I think what’s really happening…

You’ll never see it reported because, of course, the media is running the entire left wing of this country. But I think they are disgusting more and more people all over this country. I think they are just turning people off, and I don’t think they yet have any idea of the damage they are doing to the Democrat Party, which is where people show their disgust with this. I mean, HBO doesn’t get rated so there’s no way you can boycott HBO. There’s no way you can not watch and have it hurt HBO. They make their money on how many people subscribe.

And even if you don’t watch it, you’re still paying the subscription fee if it’s on your cable system. All you can do is cancel it; it won’t matter to them. Over at CBS with Colbert, Les Moonves who runs it says, “I don’t care about ratings; I just want buzz! You know, I haven’t cared about ratings in late night. It doesn’t matter to me.” Of course, when they’re getting close to Fallon, they tout it and highlight it. But publicly they say ratings don’t matter. So the only place that this stuff shows up is when it comes to time to vote for Democrats. It’s Democrats that are gonna be held accountable for all this rotgut sleaze, as it should be.


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