RUSH: Comedians Are Now The 21 Century Journalists For The Far Left

RUSH :So we have breaking news here.  Breaking news, a comedian finds fault with the Regime. But the news is that the comedian normally is a slave to the Regime.  The comedian normally promotes the Regime. But all of a sudden the comedian has found fault with the Regime, uh-oh, stop the presses, this is news now.  And even though there are only one million people that watch, what’s the image of The Daily Show?  The image of The Daily Show is that every college kid gets his news on this show.  Can’t possibly be true.  There are over a million college students.  The image is that every young person finds out what the news is by watching. It can’t possibly be true, but that’s the image The Daily Show lives off of and promotes.  Of course, who wouldn’t?  But it isn’t real. 

A comedian finds fault with the Regime, Jon Stewart blasts government before State-Controlled Media, and what this does is now give permission to other Obama stenographers to go out and get mad at the Regime.  Why else is this news?  You ever heard of this?  When’s the last time what Johnny Carson said was a news story or what Letterman said was a news story?  It might be water cooler chitchat the next day, but a news story?  So comedians are now — and of course what are comedians?  They’re jokes.  They don’t deal in reality, either, by definition.  There has to be a grain of it for comedy to be funny, but comedians are now the twenty-first century journalists for the far left.  For the left, comedians are source authorities.

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