RUSH: Cochran Campaign Strategist Could Become An Instant Multi-Millionaire GOP Consultant

RUSH:  You know, I was just gonna make a point.  It’s amazing.  I was just gonna make the point that whoever came up with this brilliant strategy in the Thad Cochran campaign that attracted all those black voters could become an instant multimillionaire Republican consultant, right?  I mean, this is what the Republican Party has been dreaming of being able to do my whole life: Outreach to the black community.  “We don’t need ’em all, Rush, just eight, 7% of the black vote, we could bust up that Democrat coalition, and we could win election after election.”  And apparently somebody did it, folks.

If we are to believe the Drive-Bys, a bunch of African-American voters fell in love with the Thad Cochran campaign, and they showed up in droves, and they propelled him to victory.  Who is it that came up with this?  That person should be on television right now explaining how they did it, because that person could name his price.  Every Republican candidate would line up to hire that consultant, that strategist, right?  Except there is no strategist, and there is no strategist on TV.  There is nobody to hire, because we don’t know who did it.  This would be akin to somebody finding the cure for cancer staying anonymous.  (interruption)  Who would kill?  (interruption)  Well, any number.  Bob Shrum, any number of people would kill for the knowledge that went into this strategy.  How did they do it?  Who did it?  But it’s a mystery.  Why, we don’t know.

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