RUSH: CNN Covers Their Own Coverage Of Missing Plane

RUSH: The new Crossfire, it hasn’t worked.  Nothing has worked. Nothing has made people want to watch CNN.  Then this plane went down, and people started watching CNN, and CNN decided, “Okay, that’s the only thing we’re gonna do,” and that’s all they’ve done.  They occasionally break away for the first 10 seconds or 20 seconds of an Obama press conference, but then it’s right back to the jet.

So far the only thing that’s taken them away has been something to do with Obama.  I think there was one instance where they thought they could make a Republican look really bad and they did that, but for the most part they’ve stuck with it.  Now, they have been 24/7 all day on this plane.  They have not reported one single word on the Washington mudslide rescue efforts and all those missing people. 

We have some missing people because of a mudslide here.  CNN hasn’t mentioned it. Not one single other story has been broadcast on CNN in the last four hours. (interruption) Oh, they are?  Well, they just broke away, and they’re doing the mudslide now.  They’ll be with that for a minute or two and then right back to the jet.  “Breaking news: As predicted, 108 accounted for.” 

I mean, look at how fast that happened. The minute I mention it, they switch to it.  So they went and got a media critic to analyze — basically CNN covering itself covering the plane, and they found a media critic who likes what they’re doing, the guy’s name is Erik Wemple, Washington Post media reporter.  Brian Stelter said, “We heard an anchor at Fox say this week that over-coverage of a story like this corrupts the news business.”

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