RUSH: I think that CNN management has decreed all anti-Trump all the time. And I think editors, producers, and talent are having to work really hard at maintaining that. And the reason they’re doing this is because they have decided that’s what their audience wants.

Now, it’s a fine line, don’t misunderstand, but when you’re in the media and you do what you do, your shtick, your act or whatever it is, your real persona, if you’re doing it because you’re real, if you’re doing it because that’s who you are, fine and dandy. If you’re doing it because you’re tailoring it to what your audience wants, then you’re not being real.

And I think that partly defines CNN. I think there is a directive, there has been somewhere, that that network must be anti-Trump all the time. That is a programming decision they have made in the quest for an audience, much like the Obama Democrat Party decided to cast aside white working-class voters, not even appeal to ’em anymore, former Democrats, Reagan Democrats, white working class voter used to be the little guy that the Democrats claimed to represent and stand for. The Democrats, Obama in November of 2011 made it official, we are washing our hands of that group of voters and instead we’re gonna build a giant coalition of every minority group that there is and that we can create.

That was an artificial, strategic calculation of what they needed to do to win the election. They weren’t trying to devise a campaign that would reach as many people as possible. The Democrats were not engaging in any effort whatsoever to appeal to a cross section of America. They had decided that certain voters were of no value, that certain voters were of no interest. And so they publicly cast them aside and let everybody know that their future, the Democrat Party future, was tied up in a giant coalition of minority groups.

I think CNN has done the same thing here. CNN has decided somewhere at the upper tier of management that they don’t care about anybody who likes Trump. They’re not interested in it; they’re not gonna service them; they’ll have a couple commentators here on a panel now and then that are pro-Trump. But in terms of the identity of the network, it has been ordained and structured that CNN equals anti-Trump. That’s what the branding is. If you are an anti-Trump person, if you hate Trump, if you are hysterically unhinged anti-Trump, CNN wants you.

And they’re going out of their way to be the network of the unhinged, the network of any and all Trump opposition. That’s a business decision as well as an editorial position. But don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying the people on CNN are faking it. Most of them are journalists, and most of them hate Trump. But folks, when you have to come up with fake outrage every day, like fake outrage over this Trump tweet that is a typo, have you seen that?

Trump tweeted out something that had a typo in it. CNN went nuts on it for two hours. Panel after panel after panel,


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