RUSH: ‘Clear Evidence’ That Polls Are RIGGED

RUSH: I wish that I could sit here and tell you that I, without question, think the polls are rigged.  I have thought so in previous elections.  In 2000 I remember was I being interviewed on Fox News by Paula Zahn, and it was a week or two before the presidential election, and the polling data at the time had Algore up three or four points.  And I remember telling Paula Zahn, I don’t believe it. It just doesn’t compute.  It doesn’t makes sense.

I didn’t think there was that much love associated with the Clinton administration, that Gore was kind of, you know, dryball.  Bush had raced through the Republican primaries, he had raced through fundraising, come out of nowhere and shocked everybody, if you recall, much like Trump has.  In fact, there’s a guy we’ll get to here later in the Stack, there’s a guy who has predicted the last five presidential election winners, and he’s predicting Trump will win, and his reason is not what’s happening now.

His formula relies totally on what happened during primaries, and this guy essentially says that Trump just steamrollered everybody in the primaries. He would have steamrollered Hillary in the primaries. He would have steamrollered Crazy Bernie.  And on that basis he thinks not enough has significantly changed that Trump’s gonna win this, and he’s got the last five right.  I don’t know, folks, like I say.

Anyway, it turned out in 2000, to close that loop, that Bush finally did change those polls.  They tightened as we got closer to the election.  I was on that show two weeks out, and then over the weekend we got the Bush DUI story that was released, and it almost lost Bush the election, so they told us.  Bush was cruising in the polling data to a two- or three-point win, and the DUI story was released, and it rocked the Bush campaign.  Apparently it was true and Bush had never talked about it so they were scrambling. I think it was the weekend prior.  Might have been five or six days prior.  I’m not sure which.  Anyway, Bush ended up winning.  It was close as a gnat’s eyelash and the Florida recount aftermath.

And then in 2012, honest to God, folks, I thought Romney was gonna win by five or six.  There weren’t any polls that said that.  I thought they were all using an incorrect turnout sample.  The way I was looking at it was the 2010 midterms in which the Republicans won landslides.  It was the Tea Party.  The Democrats lost 700 seats all told nationwide in the 2010 midterms.  And I said, “You know what?  They’re not using that turnout in the 2012 presidential polls.”  Turns out they never do.

They always use turnout from the previous presidential election, which was 2008, and then they base the 2012 turnout on that and whether it’ll be replicated by Obama or not. And it turned on I was wrong.  When I thought the polls were wrong and that Romney was gonna win by five or six Obama won by 3.8.  So I’m not comfortable here assuring you one way or the other, but there’s clear evidence here that the Democrats have seen to it that the polls in this presidential cycle are oversampling Democrats, and there’s clear evidence the pollsters have done that as well.


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