RUSH: Chuck Schumer Is PATHETIC! He Politicizes Everything Where A Gun Is Involved

RUSH: Chuck Schumer is pathetic. Chuck Schumer politicizes every gun shooting, every gun event, every shooting. It doesn’t take him five seconds. Politicizes every one. He’ll go to the nearest camera or microphone or head to the floor of the United States Senate and politicize everything where a gun is involved. And now he’s upset, righteously indignant, that Donald Trump has the temerity to remind everybody that this guy and millions others potentially like him are in this country because of legislation Chuck Schumer energetically and thoroughly supported. The Diversity Visa lottery.

Who are we trying to impress? Who are we trying to assuage our guilt with? It’d be one thing if this program was initiated after 9/11, but it goes back to 1990. This goes back to George H. W. Bush, Bush 41. I think what’s going on — by the way, I just watched during the break here, we were rolling on it, so we’ll have excerpts, Trump just unloaded on this whole program and how stupid it is and how there have been efforts underway to change it. He’s met resistance and opposition. He pledged to continue to get rid of it, and he called out the people who are in support of it.

What he said is exactly why he was elected president, exactly why the bond that exists between Trump and his supporters will not be broken. So Trump accurately points at Chuck Schumer and everybody else who had anything to do with this cockamamie program. And there’s Schumer running around like he’s profoundly offended, why, how dare you politicize this. From the guy who, again, politicizes every hurricane, every gun crime. Every mass shooting that he can find to politicize, he does it!

And he politicizes always by blaming Republicans, conservatives, you name it. Don’t even wait for the facts. Don’t even wait for any evidence. It’s just a knee-jerk reaction. Schumer’s not used to being called out like this. The left is not used to being called out. They get to politicize whatever they want, the media picks it up and runs with it or the media gives them orders that shows them how to do it then Chuck Schumer comes out and does it. I still think the media is running the show. But in this case, it doesn’t really matter. Trump fires back, and these people are not accustomed to being hit.

So now Schumer goes (imitating Schumer), “Where is your leadership? What do you think you’re doing? You’re not helping at all. Your actions could not be starker between the way George W. Bush handled post-9/11, the way you’re handling this. I’ve always believed immigration’s good for America,” said Chuck You. “Trump, instead of politicizing and dividing, why don’t you show some leadership and spend more money, get creative with funding.”


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