RUSH: “Christie May Well Be Worth Defending”

RUSH: I only bring this up because there isn’t any of this going on for Governor Christie, from anywhere.  Now, partly, the fascinating thing about this… I’m not saying it’s not deserved, don’t misunderstand.  My point is that the Republican RINOs, Republicans-In-Name-Only, and the Tea Party have an ideological basis for not running to Governor Christie’s defense.  They disagree with him on policy.  They felt that he betrayed his own party and cause with that embrace of Obama.

They feel he sabotaged his own party in their quest to win the White House. The Tea Party, they’ve got substantive reason.  Now, the people on the right who support Christie, to launch him, this is the problem with the Republican Party.  There’s no foundation there.  There’s no ideological basis on which to defend Christie, is my point.  They’re RINOs. They’re Republicans-In-Name-Only. They’re establishment types. 

Washington’s the beginning and end of everything, what happens there, and whatever you have to be to succeed there is what you do.  So Christie may well be worth defending, is my point.  I don’t know.  He may well be worth a Clarence Thomas-type defense, but notice that nobody is coming forth with one.  They’ve all got that caveat.  “He’s home free IF he’s not lying.”  This is not a comment about Governor Christie, so please don’t misunderstand or be confused. 

I’m trying to illustrate (What’s the word?) the emptiness of the Republican… (interruption) No, it’s not. My purpose here is not to comment on Governor Christie.  I’m trying to make the point that over there in the RINO Club, the Republican establishment, the wildebeests, whatever, there’s not an ideology. There’s not a belief system. There’s not a foundation on which to base a defense, as I had with Clarence Thomas — and, by the way, he’s not alone.

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