RUSH: China Is NOT Gonna Risk iPhone Manufacturing To Defend North Korea

RUSH: Now, this North Korea thing with the ChiComs — and this is the ChiCom state newspaper. What the state newspaper said is ostensibly the official position of the ChiCom government. That is how it is portrayed, and I’m not going to dispute it. I’ll just take it for what it is. This position that is articulated here is actually a new position for the ChiComs, and it’s actually — some would say it’s an improvement.

The former ChiCom position on North Korea was: If you end up hitting North Korea, no matter how it happens… If North Korea starts it — like if they launch a missile at Guam or Hawaii and you reply — we’re going to side with North Korea. That’s what the Chinese have always said to us. This statement yesterday is, therefore, new and represents, shall we say, an upgraded policy — ChiCom North Korea Version 2.0. In this policy they say, if the North Koreans are the first to act, then you, United States, have a free road, a free rein.

You can reply however you want. But the warning was, if you start it — if you launch the attack first — be advised that we, the ChiComs, will rush to the defense of our allies, the North Koreans. Now, folks, I don’t know anything anymore than anybody else does. As you know, I see things not through the prism of conventional wisdom in Washington diplomacy-speak but what seems like common sense to me. Common sense to me says that the ChiComs — with their investment in our national debt alone and the trading status, the trade relationship that we have with China.

I mean, just to give you one product (and this is just one): The iPhone. If iPhone manufacturing were removed from China, the unemployment hit to the Chinese government would be staggering. And they’re not going to risk that. No way. They’re not going to risk the money that’s involved, just in that one relationship. And there are countless others. You know how many tech products, gismos and gadgets are manufactured in China because it’s where the supply chain is. It’s not just cheap labor. It’s the whole ball of wax. There’s all kinds of reasons.

The Chinese aren’t going to put this at risk over Kim Jong-un! Now, they have to say they will. There’s this talk that the reason the ChiComs like North Korea is that it’s a buffer, because then you have South Korea — which, of course, is an American ally. Some would say a stronghold. The U.S. military has a presence there in South Korea. North Korea actually borders China on the northeast. The diplomats and the wizard of smart at the state department, for example (and they’re automatically accepted as wizards of smart by the media) say that the North Korea area acts as a buffer, a buffer between the ChiComs and such.


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