RUSH: Cheney Exactly Right! Obama ‘Has Actually Done Things That Have Supported The Muslim Brotherhood’

RUSH: So, “With President Obama poised to give a major speech on Wednesday about military action against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Cheney spoke to the assembled Republican congressmen about the situation in the Middle East at their weekly caucus meeting. And while the GOP has been fiercely divided over foreign policy in recent years,” again, because of the aftermath of Iraq.  “Cheney didn’t wade into that debate, instead opting to pillory Obama in front of an audience giving him ‘rapt attention.’

“According to Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana, Cheney said Obama ‘has actually done things that have supported the Muslim Brotherhood.'”  He did.  That’s not conjecture.  It’s not theory.  He did!  The Arab Spring. We got rid of Mubarak in Egypt. We empowered the Muslim Brotherhood.  What were we told?  They’re the peaceful Islamists.  The Brotherhood is the moderates. The Brotherhood we can deal with. The Brotherhood, yeah.  We put them in there and we send CNN’s Nic Robertson over to Egypt to ask citizens, “Are you happy with what President Obama is doing?”  Citizen, “Obama schmama.”

But Cheney’s exactly right.  We’ve done things to actually support the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood ruined Egypt.  The Muslim Brotherhood is Hamas. They are Hezbollah. They are very close to ISIS.  They’re all related, and this Arab Spring is all about the new caliphate.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s right in there.  Cheney went and told the Republicans, “Hey, it’s President Obama who has done things that have helped them accomplish this.” 

Cheney went on to name the Muslim Brotherhood as the beginning of all the Islamist groups that we’re dealing with now, like Hamas and ISIS and Hezbollah.  “In Fleming’s account, Cheney said that by ‘facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood … our policies have been exactly opposite to where they should be.’ … Fleming’s description of the meeting was echoed by Rep. Peter King of New York, who said that while Cheney didn’t criticize ‘the Rand Paul types’ in the GOP,” the isolationists, “but he called for ‘comprehensive’ action that is even more aggressive than what Obama has in mind.”

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