RUSH: By Obama’s Logic, Cuba And Venezuela Ought To Be Superpowers

RUSH: Not work, not free markets, not growing economies and increasing job opportunities, but government taking care of people, government creating dependent people. Anybody who wants to talk about the safety net driving prosperity, the fact of the matter is, there was a time, folks, when we could afford the safety net. We can’t any longer, but there was a time where we had the money to have a safety net for people who really needed it. The problem with Obama and the Democrats is, they want everybody in the safety net.

They want everybody there.

You and I happen to believe that we need a safety net for people literally incapable of helping themselves. We are compassionate people. But we would never have been able to afford it. Those are lavish things. A social safety net, paying people not to work, whatever he talked about. Those are really luxurious, lavish things, and we were able to afford those things because we had an economic boom.

At the same time we didn’t have a whole lot of economic competition, and now we do, in spades. There wasn’t a lot of worldwide competition. By Obama’s logic, Greece should be an economic showplace. By Obama’s logic, Cuba and Venezuela ought to be superpowers. This… I’m telling you, it’s silly. It’s dangerously dumb to really believe this stuff. Now, it resonates with people, but it doesn’t work. They have to create this level of dependency first for this to be perceived as something really valuable.

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