RUSH: By Firing Comey Trump Protected The HONOR Of Hillary Clinton

RUSH: Here is Donald Trump. If you ask me, the media should be thanking Trump. The Democrats should be thanking Trump because Trump finally squared it for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump protected the honor of Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was mistreated by Comey.

The Democrats believe it, and Trump got rid of the guy who was mistreating Hillary. But that’s not what they’re saying. They don’t care. They don’t care anymore what happened to Hillary. They don’t care what Comey did to Hillary. That’s not even a factor in this. The Democrats are saying, essentially, “We don’t care about Comey costing Hillary the election. What we care about is the Russian collusion conspiracy theory — and for that reason Comey can’t be fired. No matter what Hillary wants. No matter what Podesta wants.

“We can’t get rid of Comey even though we’ve told all of our supporters to hate Comey ’cause he stole the election for Hillar. But we’d rather focus on the Russians stealing election. So Hillary? Sorry, Baby, but you got no weight with us anymore.” They’ve thrown her overboard. Her cause, Comey’s mistreatment of her, not a factor. If I’m in the Clinton campaign, if I’m Hillary Clinton, I’m feeling abandoned, cheated on yet again. Other lines of attack are preferred over a line of attack that would be oriented toward defending me.

Hillary’s charge that Comey interfered with the election just got kicked to the curb. Comey doing the nasty to deny Hillary with that July 5th presser and the October 28th letter just got kicked to the curb. Democrats are fine with that. Got no problem with that. That’s not why they’re mad that Comey got fired. They’re mad that Comey got fired because they wanted Comey to get the goods on Trump. As far as the Democrats are concerned, Hillary’s yesterday’s news.



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