RUSH: Brown Family Attorney ‘Poisoning The Well’ By Using The Word ‘EXECUTED’

CALLER:  Right.  We watched the press conference that had the attorneys for the family and Dr. Baden and the gentleman that was helping him with the autopsy.  And the thing that got my attention was the first gentleman that spoke, he kept using the term how the policeman “executed” the young man.

RUSH:  That was the family attorney, Mr. Crump.  He was from Florida. Well, he was the Trayvon Martin family lawyer.

CALLER:  Well, just using the word “executing,” I mean, what does that say right there?  You know, obviously it sounds like maybe he’s, to use what you spoke about earlier, maybe he’s trying to reestablish the myth, if you will, and what else is he doing?  He’s out there potentially souring the jury pool if this all comes to a trial because this man, I’d heard at least twice and maybe more, he kept referring to the policeman that “executed” the young man.

RUSH:  Right, because that’s what everybody already thinks.  The myth has already been established.  The myth was established early last week.  He’s just perpetuating it with that, and that, to me, I think that’s irresponsible.  Of course you can’t say that because he’s a minority and therefore a victim, and we have to understand the rage, and we have to understand their anger and so forth, but that’s incendiary to me.  This whole thing is incendiary. This whole thing is a myth.  The whole thing is based on a myth, that it happens all the time. 

This whole thing is based on the fact that this is a common occurrence, not just in St. Louis, but in America.  And, as part of the myth, once again, the minority community is fed up with it and they’re not going to put up with it anymore, and so they burn and loot their own neighborhoods.  To talk about this as an execution poisons the jury pool, but it also is designed to make sure that if there is another version of this that’s the truth, that it won’t be believed.  Poisoning the well, I think this is called.  But remember, this is a family press conference, a family lawyer, and this is designed to convey the family’s feelings about all of this.  Anyway, I’m glad you called, Bob.  I appreciate it. 

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