RUSH: ‘Bogus’ Report On Apple Ad A ‘Direct Correlation To American Politics’

RUSH: So not only do only 26% of people who see the ad like it, it’s scoring way below the industry average in all ads.  But nobody is telling anybody that the company doing this works for Samsung, is hired by Samsung.  So today I get an email from a guy who is all upset at Apple over the ad because he doesn’t like people in California.  He’s a big political guy.  He’s as versed on politics as anybody I know.  Nothing gets past him.  You can’t fool him on it.  He says, “These people in California, why do they think we care what goes on in California?  Why can’t they say ‘designed in America by Apple’?” 

So I wrote him back and said, “You’re missing the point,” and I told him the story I just told you.  He didn’t understand it at first.  I said this is a direct correlation to American politics.  Look what we have here. We have you,” talking to my friend. “You’re totally believing of everything you read in the tech media.  You’re not skeptical at all.  You’re just a consumer.  You don’t care.  You’re not invested in it.  All you are is a consumer.  You read the story.  Nobody likes the Apple ad. 

“You don’t like California, so Apple has a double whammy in your mind.  You hate Apple; you hate California. You don’t like anything coming out of there and you think they’re a bunch of arrogant SOB’s.  The fact of the matter is, you’re not skeptical so you don’t care! You don’t even know that the report on Apple’s ad may be full of garbage.  It may be totally bogus.  It may be part of a campaign by an Apple competitor to actually have a successful Apple ad pulled.

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