RUSH: Boehner Wants To Deal With Obama, Does Not Want To Stand Fast.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, as a public service, I have been pondering the question raised by Byron York in his piece, “GOP’s Astonishingly Bad Message on Sequester Cuts.” Why would Republicans support a measure, a sequester that threatens national security, thousands of jobs, why would Boehner do this op-ed today? I said it makes no sense at me, sorry, I have no clue.

I have been thinking about it, because I realized that answer was not sufficient for you. So here’s my stab at this. I think that what is happening here is that Boehner wants to deal with Obama. I think Boehner writes this piece today because he does not want the sequester to happen. He does not want to stand fast. He does not want to hold the line. I think in writing this piece, Boehner is attempting to blame Obama for all of this. It is Obama’s idea. The sequester is Obama’s idea. So I think what Boehner’s trying to do is paint Obama with this.

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