RUSH: Boehner Has Not Adopted My ‘I Hope He Fails’ Philosophy

RUSH: This so-called lawsuit that Boehner is threatening to file against Obama for behaving outside the Constitution, for basically breaking the law, for doing things presidents are not constitutionally permitted to do, I think you should know that certain news organizations are now associating my statement in January of 2009, “I hope he fails,” with the Boehner lawsuit.  There is an effort to conflate the two, and in order to do that you have to purposely misrepresent and misunderstand what I said and what I meant when I said, “I hope he fails.”  Now, I know, you’re tired of this.  You’ve heard this.  You knew exactly what I meant the moment I said it. 

Furthermore, so did everybody else.  Everybody else knew exactly what I meant, but they pretended they didn’t so that they could create a phony narrative that I actually wanted the country to fail because I couldn’t stand a Democrat succeeding in making the country work, so I wanted the country to fail.  That’s what they were trying to make everybody believe I meant. 

And of course it was just the exact opposite.  I wanted Obama to fail at what he has done.  I wanted him to fail at growing government.  I wanted him to fail with his economic policies.  Look what they’ve done.  I wanted every Obama policy to fail, and if that happened, the country would be spared.  I wanted to save the country.  I was offering a defense and a desire to protect the country by saying I hope Obama fails.  So let’s go to C-SPAN Washington Journal this morning.  This is the host, Peter Slen, I think is his name, and he took a call from Mike in Memphis.

MIKE:  My solution is for the Congress, the lack of cooperation between the legislative government with the executive branch is appalling.  And it’s killing us.  It’s like they’ve adopted Rush Limbaugh’s “I hope he fails” philosophy.  There’s no cooperation.  Obama cannot do it by himself and it’s gonna kill us.  This country is being destroyed from within.  Obama needs to call out the military to secure the border.  The Tea Party right-wing Republicans, they’re just sitting there and not offering any solutions to problems.  I think it’s purely racism and prejudice of the black president.

RUSH:  All right, what do we do with this?  I mean, we clearly are dealing with the quintessential low-information voter here.  I mean, this is classic.  There’s so many contradictions in what this guy said, so many factual inaccuracies.  And it’s out there.  It’s out there on C-SPAN.  He says Boehner and the Republicans have adopted Rush Limbaugh’s “I hope he fails” philosophy.  No, they haven’t.  Here’s the thing.  Lack of cooperation is killing us?  No.  The only thing that is even giving us any hope is the gridlock.  If it weren’t for the gridlock, if it weren’t for the Republicans occasionally refusing to go along with what Obama wants, we’d be in worse shape than we’re in now.

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