RUSH: Boehner Conveying The Message ‘We Are Not Going To Criticize The Dictator’

RUSH:  No, I tell you, folks, this is not an insignificant difference or distinction.  Boehner showing up and saying that we are the alternative, not just the opposition.  Now, in modern Republican parlance, what that means… What Boehner is trying to convey by saying (summarized), “We’re not the opposition. We’re not opposing the precious young president that everybody loves. We’re just the alternative,” is it’s another way of saying, “We’re kinder and gentler, but we’re not criticizing Obama.

“Oh, no — and we would never criticize Obama!” 

I’m sure the directive has come from on high, wherever that is in the Republican Party (among the consultants class, the donor class, some in the so-called conservative media).  The directive has obviously gone out: “Do not criticize Obama, whatever you do! They’re gonna call us racists and sexists, and they’ll think of us as talk radio. So don’t do that.  So instead we go out and say, “We’re the alternative, not just the opposition.  So don’t criticize our beloved young president.

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“You know, just almost hesitantly suggest a different approach to the same conclusion.  So Obama wants amnesty?  Well, we’re the alternative! We’re not the opposition, and we are not going to criticize the dictator.  We have a smarter way of getting to amnesty.”  We know Republican leaders already said legalize illegals with a pathway to citizenship.  The game’s over then, as was pointed out by a number of people yesterday.

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