RUSH: Black Republicans Are Ripped To Shreds And Called ‘Uncle Toms’

RUSH:  The Drive-By Media is fit to be tied, just outraged, just offended that I would dare call African-American voters showing up for Thad Cochran, Uncle Toms.  How dare he!  We had a couple of sound bites in the first hour from Donna Brazile.  Here is John King, CNN’s New Day this morning.

KING:  The state with the highest percentage of African-American voters in the country.  So you would think here’s an opportunity for Republicans maybe to learn the lesson. Thad Cochran had to go to these voters in a moment of need, but maybe he could start to build a relationship and maybe other Republicans could copy it, Julie, but then Rush Limbaugh weighs in. This won’t help.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I wonder what the campaign slogan was in Mississippi the past couple days? “Uncle Toms for Thad”?

KING:  Anything I say will make it worse, but — if you find irregularities, fine, investigate them. You have that right after an election to look at things, but to say things like that and disparage people, and forgive me, if that’s not a racist statement it’s dancing right up to the line of it, how does that help anybody?

RUSH:  Come on, John.  What in the name of Sam Hill are you talking about?  This is absurd and you know it’s absurd.  What was racist here is calling black Republicans Uncle Toms.  Go talk to Clarence Thomas and ask him what it’s like to be called one, John. Or go talk about to Allen West, or go talk to Dr. Thomas Sowell or Condoleezza Rice who’s been called an Uncle Tom Aunt Jemima for good measure.  You know and I know that Republican blacks are disparaged, they are impugned, they are ripped to shreds, they’re called Uncle Toms, traitors, you name it.

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