RUSH: Birth Control Pills And Breast Pumps Are Not Insurance, It’s Welfare

RUSH:  I think, as usual, folks, Obama has things exactly backwards.  Insurance is being stretched to cover things it should never have to cover and it didn’t have to cover until Obamacare came along and mandated these things get covered, and all it does is drive up prices like breast pumps and birth control pills and wellness plans.  I mean, it’s all of that stuff, all of this touchy-feely liberal do-good stuff that ought never be part of insurance policies. Buy your own birth control pill! Buy your own breast pump!

That’s not a health issue.  It used to be our choice to go out and by a birth control pill or not. It used to be our choice to go out and buy a breast pump. If you want that, pay for it yourself.  But no! These things are now part of insurance.  It’s not insurance. It’s welfare.  But regardless, as long as these things are gonna be mandated, covered, then somebody’s going to have to pay for it. Whether you know it or not, you are going to pay for it, and so there’s no way insurance premiums are gonna get cheaper.

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