RUSH: Bill de Blasio Is A Sandinista Communist

RUSH: I’ve toyed with the idea of going back to work there just for a day or something, just to say hi to the staff.  No way.  I may never even land in New York, the whole state. I may never get close to it.  I am not kidding.  Well, flybys. You have to. If you land at Teterboro, you have to fly by New York, but… (interruption) Who, de Blasio did, worked for General Dinkins?  Not surprised.  Not surprised.  They’re talking about this guy being the first Democrat to win since Dinkins.

What do you mean, the first Democrat?  What do you think Bloomberg was? He was a liberal Democrat from the get-go who just called himself a Republican so he wouldn’t have to be in a crowded primary and so he could trade on Rudy’s coattails.  Man, but this de Blasio guy. This guy, there’s no disguise. This guy’s not wearing camouflage. He’s not trying to make anybody think that he isn’t what he is.  It’s victory for liberals. I mean, this guy is just up front, no hiding, no camouflage, no mask. 

He’s a Sandinista. 

He’s communist,

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