RUSH: Biggest Mistake GOP Made In 2010 Was Not Embracing Tea Party

RUSH: Finally, if you can say there was a tipping point, it was Obamacare which caused this group of people — many of whom had never ever been involved in politics outside the ballot box — for the first time in their lives to show up at Town Hall meetings and demand to know what was going on.  The Republican Party didn’t know what to do with them.

The Republican Party was afraid of them. The biggest mistake the Republican Party made in 2010 was not embracing them.  I look back on that today and I’m more and more puzzled and amazed. Well, I’m not puzzled.  I know why.  But I’m just still amazed that they didn’t embrace it.  I mean, here you have a made-to-order, motivated, energized, activist, willing-to-donate millions of people that you could welcome into the fold.

You could build a movement around them, and the Republican Party was as uninterested as the Democrats were interested in destroying them.  I think that just fired up the Tea Party people even more.  Then as time has gone on, the Tea Party people have figured out what others in the Republican base have figured out, and that is the Republicans are really not that crazy about ’em being in the party, because they embarrass them, or something.

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