RUSH: Biden Admits We’re Not Gonna Get To 7 Million People Signing Up For ObamaCare

RUSH: Look at that. They’re finally admitting it. The Regime is admitting, Biden is out there saying there’s no way, we’re not gonna get to seven million people signing up for Obamacare. That was the drop-dead number. That was the minimum they needed to make it work, right? So Biden’s out there saying (paraphrasing), “Well, yeah, it’s not gonna happen.”

If that’s not gonna happen, then what are they going to do?  ‘Cause if that doesn’t happen, they don’t have any funding mechanism.  If they don’t get seven million people signed up for this thing — and by the way, do you know in Oregon not one person has enrolled in Cover Oregon?  That’s the state exchange, like Covered California, not one in Oregon.  In North Carolina they’ve got a net loss.  They’ve had something like — I’m rounding numbers — a hundred some odd sign up and 400,000 have lost coverage.  They’re down 300 some odd thousand people. Even though they’ve had a hundred and some odd sign up, they’ve also had 4,000 cancellations.  It’s an absolute disaster.

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