RUSH: Ben Bernanke Is Single-Handedly Propping Up The Obama Admin

RUSH: I think one way of looking at this is that Ben Bernanke, for whatever reason — who knows, it could be political, could be his own view of economics — is single-handedly propping up the Obama administration, which is otherwise an economic disaster and failure. He’s single-handedly propping it up by injecting $1 trillion a year into a sector of the economy, and then the trickle-down theory comes into play as they expect that money to reveal itself, such as 401(k) accounts.

If yours is invested in the market, your 401(k) is gonna go up a little bit because of this, and mortgage rates are gonna come down because interest rates drop. But, on the other hand, your wages aren’t going up and the cost of living is going up. The gasoline prices with this are never gonna come down because of the inflationary effect of it. So I don’t know. It’s all part of this “nothing seems real anymore.” There doesn’t seem to be any foundation, solid foundation supporting anything.

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