RUSH: Being In The Republican Leadership Is A Political Death Sentence

RUSH:  Wait a minute, now. Wait a second, Kathy, because I can quote I don’t know how many Republicans who say that the people — which would include you — want them to compromise. They want people in Washington to work together to get things done.

CALLER:  No, that’s absolutely wrong.  We want them as a firewall against what has been happening with regards to Obama and his constituencies and the attack on our freedoms and our rights.

RUSH:  Why do you think they don’t get that anymore?  I’m drawing a blank.  Why do they not understand what their purpose is?

CALLER:  Well, they’re not paying attention.  Now, I have to say, my representative is Robert Hurt.  What he does different from what Cantor does is that he has virtual town halls.  I get a phone call every couple of months saying, “Look, we’re having a town hall. You can come and ask your questions,” and he answers them.  It might be a small thing but at least I know he hears my voice, and he votes pretty consistently. I’m gonna vote for him in the next election.  But, you know, Cantor, all he’s doing is saying, “Look, okay, we want to appease people so that you’ll think we’re nice.”

RUSH:  I tell you, I do think that being in the Republican leadership is a political death sentence. Folks, I’m just gonna tell you: Kathy, her perception and our previous caller’s that the Republican leadership is compromising, is working with, is helping Obama and the Democrats? That’s not why there is an opposition party.  
That’s not why there’s a Tea Party. But yet these people believe it. It’s another media/Democrat trick.  Republicans apparently have bought it hook, line, and sinker.  And if they haven’t bought it, if it’s what they normally think and believe anyway, then it’s even worse.  They really do think that compromising their beliefs.

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