RUSH: Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment Has Same Dynamics as Racism

RUSH: Folks, there’s a part of this that is beginning to make me nervous, as an umbrella thing, not specifically. I’m just spotting a trend, and I know you have too. I’m sure I’m not the only person in this crowd. But you know, this business of sexual abuse is quickly approaching the same dynamics as racism in our culture.

And just as racism is a horrible thing to be accused of, and depending on how it’s done it’s sometimes hard to disprove it, it’s the same thing here with being accused of all kinds of improper behavior against women, especially blind allegations, they can be really tough to defend, especially the way the table is being set today. That women never make it up, that women don’t lie about it, that women must be believed. This is not an anti-woman screed. Now, don’t anybody misunderstand me here.

I’m addressing this as though we’re all human beings. Forget sex, gender, and all of that. I’m just assessing where our culture is going. And it’s because of the politicization of everything, because we have politicized relationships now. We have politicized the way men and women interact. That all began with feminism in the modern era of the late sixties. We politicize everything. The NFL is politicized, you name it, it’s all politicized now. And so since it’s politicized, those who use politics as a weapon then seize on everything that occurs and they use it as a weapon.

And so now male-female, man-woman, boy-girl relationships end up being weaponized by the people who have an agenda attached to them. And so if you’re going to come along, if we as a society are going to agree because of the hot-button tensions of the moment that the women must be believed, and I’m just pointing it out here. This is not yet a direct criticism of this. I’m just chronicling that this is happening where we are.


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