RUSH: Bannon Is Trying To Prevent Establishment From Co-Opting And Influencing Trump

RUSH: But I think it’s quite telling, folks, that we don’t have any stories involving intrigue about Gary Cohn. And we don’t have any stories involving intrigue about H. R. McMaster. I mean, these people are in Trump’s inner circle well. The same with Dina Powell. The stories are universally about Bannon and how he’s got to go and how he’s the problem and how he’s got the president’s ear. And this guy is so off the mainstream, he’s the white nationalist, he’s the populist, he’s got Trump’s ear and he’s poison and he’s dangerous.

And if the truth be known, what Bannon is probably doing is trying to prevent establishment types from succeeding in co-opting and influencing Trump totally. That would be my guess. That’s what I think the real battle going on in there is. The fact that it’s only Bannon mentioned and it’s always Bannon that has to go, Bannon is the problem. It’s just too pat. And it’s just too predictable. The media always focuses on the people they consider the threats.

Remember my old adage, the Democrats will always tell us who they fear by trying to take them out. The media is the Democrats and they’ll always tell us who they fear. And, believe me, they don’t want to get rid of Bannon ’cause it’s gonna help Trump. They don’t want to force Bannon out of there ’cause it’s gonna make Trump a better president. That’s not what they’re about. With these people, it is all political. It is all ideological.


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