RUSH: Bannon Is Gonna Become REVERED And RESPECTED Because Trump Fired Him

RUSH: Up until about 20 minutes ago, one of the most reviled, hated, despised people in Washington was Steve Bannon. Before the end of the day, he is going to be one of the most revered, respected, lionized members. You know what’s gonna happen? I tell you what’s gonna happen.

They’re gonna say that Bannon realized this whole thing’s up. It’s over, and he wanted to go out. But he didn’t want to resign ’cause they’d call him a quitter. So he goes and gives that interview with that American Prospect — this left-wing rag — and undercuts Trump on North Korea and undercuts Trump elsewhere, and Trump fired him. “Bannon wanted off there. It was so bad in there that not even a guy sympathetic to the Alt-Right can put up with the accuse insanity going on in the White House.” Then they’re gonna be seeking out Bannon for interviews.

He’s gonna get book deals. He’s gonna get movie deals. He’s gonna get TV show deals. “Tell us the truth about what went on in there., Tell us how you had to tell Trump what time it was every day. What time did you go to the residence to get Trump out of bed to make sure he was at the Oval Office on time?” This kind of stuff. (interruption) You doubt me? This is exactly what’s gonna happen. They’re gonna try. There will be some people that try this. The point is Bannon’s gonna become revered and respected because Trump fired him.

And if Trump fired him, it must mean that Bannon had seen the light and just could not continue. “He had to get thrown out. He couldn’t quit. That’s not good. You don’t want to look like a quitter.”


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