RUSH: Awards, Trophies Should Be Given Out At WHCA

RUSH: It’s a bunch of people who don’t like each other getting together in a room one night a year acting like they do like each other.  There’s no substance at the White House Correspondents Dinner.  The things that are real, that are dividing the country, the things that separate people are not even discussed or talked about except maybe by the comedian, the entertainment of the night.  But it’s phony!  You know, the partisanship, the rancor, the disagreements, it’s never on display when the people in politics do their Academy Awards.  So I think what they ought to do is totally change the format for the White House Correspondents Dinner.  I would love to see — and I would watch this. I might even attend this one.  I haven’t been since the early nineties. 

I think there ought to be actual awards, trophies, in various categories.    Biggest Fraud of the Year. Best Recovery from a Scandal in the Past Year. Largest Secret Donor Contributions Learned and Uncovered in the Past Year. Biggest Successful Under-the-Table Payoff.  Most Insincere Apology of the Past Year. Would you not like that? If the White House Correspondents Dinner was made up like your average Grammys or Academy Awards, wouldn’t you watch this? 

Best Excuse for Failure by a Politician in the Past Year.  You know, and the award goes to whoever the judges, the panel, the experts vote.  The Most Outrageous Smear of the Year that Worked. The Most Outrageous Smear of the Year that Failed. The Most Unforgivable Sellout. The Best Successful Hoax.  The Best Lie.  The Best Lie That Failed.  Yeah, they’ve already given that award out.  Obama won the Best Lie by some outfit called PolitiFact.

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