RUSH: At The End Of The Day, ‘Israel Is Killing Children’

RUSH: Jake Tapper, CNN, last night speaking with the spokesman for Netanyahu, Mark Regev about the conflict.  No matter what you know, Tapper’s accusing this guy killing children. It’s predictable.  Here it is.

TAPPER:  Israel has, in the last three weeks, killed more Palestinian children — more than 200 — than the total number of Israeli soldiers killed in military operations since 2006, which includes the second Lebanon War, Operation Cast Lead, Operation Pillar of Defense, and now Operation Protective Edge. (siren sound effect) That is a lot of dead children, especially, uh, relative to the number of soldiers, uh, that have been killed in Israel — uh, in Israeli military operations in the last eight years.  At what point does the Israeli government say, “E-e-enough, we’re killing too many innocent children”?

RUSH:  See?  See?  Israel, evil, big bad guy.  It doesn’t even enter his mind that Hamas is putting those kids in their prime target area.  But you’ll notice: Israel — big, bad, murderer of children; poor, victimized Hamas. Here’s the reply he got.

REGEV:  We don’t want to see innocent civilians caught up in the crossfire between us and Hamas, but I think the question that you raised —

TAPPER:  But Mark, i-i-it’s not… It’s not just the crossfire, though!

REGEV: No, it is.  Hamas is responsible for all deaths on their side and on our side because they were the ones that kept this conflict going, and added to that —

TAPPER: Mark, but, but!

REGEV: — and you’d better remember this, Jake. This…

TAPPER:  But Netanyahu said no to the ceasefire draft that Kerry proposed!

REGEV:  Not true.  Not true.  Not true.  Let’s be clear here.  People are fighting, people are dying, because Hamas has repeatedly said “no” to a ceasefire.  Hamas has adopted a deliberate policy of endangering Gaza civilians, using them as human shields.

RUSH:  There’s no question about that.  Yet it makes no impact.  It doesn’t get through.  At the end of the day, “Israel is killing children.”  It doesn’t matter why, doesn’t matter how, doesn’t matter who’s ultimately responsible.  Israel is doing it, and why?  “Why, more children have died than Israeli soldiers,” and they start counting it up and so forth.  Folks, the explanation is right in front of our faces here. 

It’s just a question of accepting it. 

The answers may seem simplistic, but the simplest explanation for something is usually the right answer.

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