RUSH: As Long As Al Franken Stays In Senate We Retain The Opportunity To Point Out Hypocrisy Of Democrats

RUSH: What is becoming clear here, with all of the news we’re getting on Democrats engaging in sexual harassment and the basic mistreatment of women, John Conyers and Al Franken, the Democrats are going out of their way to save both of them, the Democrats and the media. The media is actually leading the charge with the Democrats following along dutifully to save Franken, which I think is good. Keep Franken there. He’s a buffoon, he’s an idiot, and with Franken there, there’s a consistent, “Well, what about Al Franken?”

You know, as long as Franken stays there, then we retain the opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of these people. I think Power Line, John Hinderaker or Hinderaker, I’m not sure who wrote the endorsement, but made a point, endorsed Roy Moore and basically made a point whatever Moore did was 40 years ago. They can’t find anything more recently than 40 years ago. Well, 40 years ago is when Teddy Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die and drown in the abandoned car. Forty years ago is when a couple of other things happened, and of course Ted Kennedy was able to live that down and prosper and triumph over it.


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