RUSH: Aren’t Most NFL Players Democrats?

RUSH: Look, I know that it’s probably not a hundred percent, but all of these people in the NFL, I mean, what political party do you think they vote for and support? (interruption) Well, no wait. (interruption) Now, wait just… (interruption) Before you… (interruption)

Snerdley is in there going, “No, no, no, no! Don’t go there! Don’t.” Wait just a second. Whenever there is a school shooting somewhere, the first thing the media does is try to establish a Tea Party connection, right? Brian Ross, ABC News, at a shooting in Colorado. The first thing he did was go to a roster of Tea Party members and try to find the killer’s name.

Whenever there is an incident like this — any kind of a mass murder, shooting, what have you — the media does everything it can to link all of those to either talk radio or the Tea Party or conservatism or what have you. So I think it’s only tit-for-tat here to be asking: All the people involved in all of these scandals, what is the likelihood that they vote Democrat? It would have to be pretty good.

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