RUSH: Are We In The Midst Of A CRACK-UP And BREAKDOWN Of The Hypocritical Leftists In The Drive-By Media?

RUSH: Is it possible that we are in the midst of a crackup and breakdown of the hypocritical leftists in the Drive-By Media and the establishment entertainment sectors, political sectors? And, if so, has it been brought to us by the one and only Donald Trump? There is so much of this now that it’s impossible to escape the hypocrisy.

Here you have Bill Clinton and it’s widely known now what he did and what he got away with. The stories about Ted Kennedy are coming out. Now all of these addendum, Weinstein and Garrison Keillor today and Charlie Rose and so forth. At some point people are gonna pick up, if they’re not already, “Wait a minute. These are the people telling us they love and respect women. These are the guys telling us that they’re big feminists and that they’re pro-choice and all this.”

I think we’re a little distance away from those same people, “Wait a minute. These are the guys telling us Republicans are conducting a War on Women.” I don’t think that realization has hit yet. We need to further that one along. We need to help people remember that, that these reprobates are the ones accusing us of conducting a War on Women.


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