RUSH: Are We Gonna Have To Execute Ray Rice At Halftime At An NFL Game?

RUSH: Are we getting to the point we’re gonna have to execute Ray Rice at halftime at an NFL game, folks?  This is exactly what happens when you try to appease every malcontent group out there, and I’m talking about the NFL leadership. Everybody is bending over backwards making sure nobody gets offended. Everybody is assumed to be treated with respect, all these different groups.

The new Walter Cronkite of the country, Harvey Levin of TMZ, is out basically calling Goodell a liar. Goodell is saying, “Hey, I didn’t see that tape. I really didn’t see the tape. I really didn’t know,” and of course everybody, “What did you need to see the tape for?”  Everybody knows what had to happen in there for the woman to be dragged out of an elevator unconscious.  Anyway, that is continuing to just blow up all over the place.  It remains a major story in the Drive-Bys.

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