RUSH: Are Player Protests Part Of An NFL Marketing Plan Aimed At Millennials

RUSH: I want to run a theory by you. I want to see what you think of this. We’re swerving now to the National Football League since I happened to mention Colin Kaepernick taking a knee on Mars if there is a flag there. You know, folks, I’ve always reminded you, because it’s true, that advertising is always aimed at young people.

And it’s not because advertisers like young people versus old people. It’s that young people’s minds haven’t yet been fully made up. Their brand preferences have not been permanently stamped in their psyche, in their brains, and in their behavior. This is why beer commercials, for example, are advertised for teenagers and people in their early twenties. You don’t advertise beer for people in their forties, fifties. They’ve got their brand. They’re not gonna change.

By the time they’re 40 or 50, if you’re a beer manufacturer or any other advertiser, your chance of getting them en masse has long since passed. So you have to focus — and all advertising does — on the young, and primarily the demographic of 18 to 24, and, at its widest expanse, 18 to 34. In addition, I’ve always pointed out to you that advertising — good advertising, effective advertising — is a window into the American culture.

Because advertising agencies and their creative people must devise ways to reach their target audience in ways that their audiences are gonna want to watch or read or absorb the commercial message, not reject it or not tune it out. So advertising creative directors have to ascertain cultural preferences, cultural existence, cultural norms of the demographic they are aiming at. So given that I have oftentimes reminded everybody of this, let us now turn our attention to the NFL and what is happening there.

And let me ask you another question. Could all of this that is happening in the NFL right now be being done on purpose? Could we be witnessing a marketing plan that has not been announced? And good marketing plans are never announced; they’re just executed. A marketing plan is designed to separate people from their money. You don’t tell ’em how you’re gonna do it because that prepares them for it. You just execute the plan.

What if, ladies and gentlemen, the National Football League believes all of the polling and survey data that shows American Millennials are over 50% socialist; that an even greater number of them admire socialism and dictators and tyrants? Those polls are out there. We have mentioned them to you. We’ve chalked it up to the lousy American public and higher education system. But nevertheless, the data is there. We know of the snowflake tendencies on college campi. We know pretty much where American Millennials are en masse.

Not all of them, of course. There are exceptions every, but the majority of American Millennials appear to be perfectly fine with socialism. They have sympathies toward minority groups. They are, in many instances, what would be termed social justice warriors. And so I’m asking you: What if allowing the protests of the flag, allowing what appear to be protests of the military, allowing all of these things that the players are doing that echoes behavior of social justice warriors…? What if all of this is a marketing plan to get Millennials interested in the game?


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