RUSH: Anthony Weiner Should Authenticate Sext Chat Tape On CNN

RUSH:  I just got a note from Koko up at, and he said if CNN really wants to authenticate this sex-chat tape, they need to have Anthony Weiner come in and listen to it, because if there’s anybody who is an expert in that, it’s Anthony Weiner.  There’s another thing about this, though.  The guy is sex chatting, or video sex chatting, with… Well, we assume it’s a woman.  He said, “Baby, you look great,” or whatever. 

There are 10 gunshots that the guy’s computer clearly picks up (I mean, if it’s real), and the babe doesn’t once ask, “Hey, honeybunch, what’s going on where you are? What’s happening?  Are you okay?”  I mean, if you were sex video chatting with a guy and you heard gunshots on his end of the connection, would you would you react and ask, “Hey, hey, hey!  Are you okay out there?” 

But this guy’s babe and this guy (chuckles) didn’t even pause.

They did not have one shred of a reaction. 

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