RUSH: I just want to give you Kaepernick in his own words. And, folks, you may think I’m overdoing this, but I’m not. Just like in climate change, much — in fact, maybe everything the left holds dear and wants to achieve is wrapped up in that one issue. If they get it, it’s major, major damage. This NFL thing not quite that comprehensive. But this is huge. This is an all-out assault on the American national pastime, is what this is.

And it’s frustrating as all get out for me to see the people that run the game go along with it because they think everybody’s in the country is a bunch of snowflake liberal wusses. They think the country’s gone over to whatever it is progressivism is, and it hasn’t. They’re making tactical marketing mistakes. They’re making very big mistakes in judging who their audience is. And they’re helping this plan to damage the NFL, they’re helping it along, and it frustrates the hell out of me because I love it. And I wish it would stop.

“I wish it would stop.” That doesn’t work. You have to beat it back. And in my own small, little way it’s what I’m trying to do here. Colin Kaepernick, his own words — all this started a year ago. Why is it, by the way, that the United States media stops everything and wants to make a hero out of people that talk this way? Why does the American media want to make heroes, unassailable heroes out of malcontents.

We’re not putting people in jail in this country illegally. We’re not starving them. We’re not doing what happens in tyranny, authoritarian dictatorships. Why do we have to be treated as though we live in a place like that? We don’t. It’s the greatest place on earth. Why do malcontents who have a personal grievance and then blow it up into something that’s irrelevant to the problem they’re having, Kaepernick can’t get hired ’cause he can’t play. It’s no more complicated than that.


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