RUSH: America Has Rejected Democrats In Droves, But The Media Says Just The Opposite

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RUSH: At Arizona State University, students were given the option of taking the final exam on Thursday or protesting Trump for the same credit. By the professor, they were given this option. In Berkeley, Trump protesters versus Trump supporters, violence, bloodshed. Not much was done to stop it. The cops decided it was gonna happen anyway; why the bet in the middle of it? Let it play out. All over the country, the media is making sure that that’s the America you see. The media’s making damn sure.

You’re not hearing about the problems in the Democrat Party. You’re not seeing the vacuum of power. You’re not seeing the fact that it’s become Jurassic Park. You are not seeing, you’re not told how many seats the Democrat Party is losing. You are not told how much of this country has rejected them. You are not told that the Democrat Party is basically a party of urban cities and the rest of the country has disowned them and disbanded them and wants no part of them. You haven’t been told the Democrat Party really isn’t a national party anymore.

You’re not told any of that.

Instead, what you are shown is that the country apparently hates Donald Trump, and you are to conclude from that that the country prefers Democrats. The country doesn’t. The country has rejected Democrats in droves for the last six, eight years. But the daily pictures in the Drive-By Media say just the opposite. The daily pictures in the Drive-By Media say the American people that voted for Trump now dislike him, now hate him, now want him out of office, now realize they made a mistake.

If this guy in Georgia wins in the election today, of course tomorrow’s the news day afterwards, that’s what’s gonna be the coverage all day long. Even though none of it’s true. Many of the anti-Trump operatives are bought and paid for just like we learned during the campaign they were bought and paid for. Nothing is as real as it’s being portrayed to you.


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