RUSH: AMAZING! Most People Are Very Happy With The Current Health Care System

RUSH: I have a story here by Gallup by their head honcho, a guy named Frank Newport. “Americans’ Views of Healthcare Quality, Cost, and Coverage.”  This story from Gallup is amazing.  This story almost warrants being read from front to back.  Every finding in this Gallup story goes against what we have had drummed into us by Obama and the media for the last six years, everything.  Every result in this Gallup on story, which is a reporting of several polls, every result supports what we have been saying for years. 

Most people are and have been very happy with the current health care system.  Most people are very happy with their insurance.  Do you realize the bill of goods that everybody’s been sold?  Everybody has been sold a bill of goods that the health care some is broken.  And while a lot of people were made to believe that it is, it wasn’t for them.  It’s kind of like the analogy that — actually it isn’t an analogy, it’s actually truthful.  The Democrats and the media when reporting a bad economy, when it’s actually not bad, the way they make it work, they continually report bad economic news.  This is how they did it during the Bush years.  They reported the economy was rotten in certain sectors, employment was going down, unemployment was rising, cost of living going up.

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