RUSH: Almost Half Of Worlds Unemployed In US. How Can That Be?

RUSH:  Ladies and gentlemen, let me give you somewhat of an illustration of this.  A story from the French News Agency: 202 million people globally are unemployed.  I don’t know on what basis that’s decided, because there are billions and billions and billions of people, but we’ll just accept the number: 202 million people globally are unemployed. Well 92 million, almost half of them, are in the United States.

How can that be? 

How in the world can that be while we’re told we have a growing economy and 44 months of job growth (as Obama told David Remnick), and we’ve got the economic rescue that happened, and the stimulus, and the health care, and everybody being covered with their premiums going down. How in the world can this be?  Now, one of the people quoted in this piece is Guy Ryder, United Nations Director-General, International Labor Organization.  “There is a clear linkage between these unacceptable levels of unemployment in the world and growing inequality.” 

Oh, really? 

So that’s why we’ve got half the world’s unemployment in the United States, because we lead the world in inequality? 

Doesn’t that just delve nicely with Obama and the pope?

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