RUSH: ‘All Roads Lead To Magic Johnson’ In The Real Sterling Story

RUSH:  Look, let’s get one thing straight.  It’s not crazy for Sterling to ask Magic to appear on Barbara Walters with him.  It’s not crazy.  I mean, it’s crazy that he might think Magic would do it, but it’s not crazy to ask.  I mean, it would be like Bill Clinton asking Hillary to sit next to him in an interview about his bimbo allegations, which she did, to give him cover.  It was 60 Minutes, 1992, and it was Steve Kroft doing the interview.  (interruption)  Well, she didn’t show up the second time?  (interruption)  Well, no, they didn’t, but they walked out of the White House together hand in hand and then she goes on the Today show and blamed the right-wing conspiracy for it. 

But she did give Clinton cover on 60 Minutes in 1992.  So it’s not unusual.  I mean, if Sterling is trying to channel Clinton and do what Clinton did, I mean, Clinton did that. It’s interesting to me, though, that wherever you look in this story — I mean, we’re just playing sound bites of what’s on television, and all roads lead to Magic Johnson in this thing.  I mean, whatever angle is discussed, it all ends up back with Magic being the go-to guy for the real story about what happened here.  And I know Magic is Mr. LA, but Kobe is there, too, and they’re not going to Kobe about it. 

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