RUSH: All Obama Has To Do Is Listen To This Program 1 Hour A Day And He’ll Know Everything

RUSH:  All right, well, let’s look at that. That’s true. He doesn’t hold cabinet meetings.  I know you don’t mean to offer that as an excuse.  You’re making another point. (interruption)  She’s being facetious.  “He’s not going to cabinet meetings, so how could he know?” If that’s why, I have the instant solution for Obama’s problem.  What do you think it is?  (interruption)  All Barack Obama has to do is listen to one hour of this program every day, and he’ll know everything that’s going on.  That’s all he’s gotta do.

One hour.

He doesn’t have to ever go to a cabinet meeting. He doesn’t ever have to talk to a cabinet secretary. He doesn’t have to read the New York Times. He doesn’t have to read the LA Times. He doesn’t have to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox. Just listen to this program for one hour (pick the hour), and he will know everything going on.  He would never, ever be blindsided again like he is by this VA scandal, if he would simply listen to this program for one hour a day.  Now, if I know what’s going on in his administration that he doesn’t…?

See, he knows all of this, folks.

He knows this is all going on. 

None of this is getting by him or escaping.  That’s not at all the reality. 

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