RUSH: “All Hillary Is Is The WIFE Of Somebody”

RUSH: We were even told that Hillary’s campaign made sure that Trump won the Republican nomination because Trump is gonna be easiest guy to snowball. That Trump was a walking disaster. That Trump couldn’t get 20% of the vote, the greatest thing in the world. Hillary so believed it she didn’t even campaign, she didn’t even put much into this.

She wasn’t on the scene much partly because she couldn’t draw a crowd anywhere she went anyway.  She can’t deliver a campaign speech.  She never had a message.  And yet during all of this, we kept hearing how there’s nobody better and there is nobody more qualified and there’s nobody more deserving.  And to me all she is is the wife of somebody.  You take that away from her resume and who is she and where is she?  If she hadn’t married Bill Clinton and gone to Arkansas and tried to take over everywhere that guy went, where would she be today?

I mean, the point of this is look at what we have been presented.  We have been presented a faux pas, a picture of lies, distortions for the last how many years ago it was, 1992, 24?  Whatever it is.  And it’s just stunning, and so now four times Mrs. Clinton has lost.


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