RUSH: Al Franken’s ‘UP YOURS’ Presser Was ‘PURE CACA!’

RUSH: Well, this is basically an up-yours press conference. Screw you. And he just wanted to say it for the cameras and microphones instead of a statement. But I’m gonna tell you how much of an act this was. This guy, for whatever else he is, is a 40-year veteran of being on TV and in movies and so forth, and he does not speak like he spoke in this thing. “Uh… Uh… Um… I… I…” trying to act contrite and trying to act sorry and thoughtful.

The whole thing is an act, but its purpose was to shut down any of this talk that he’s going anywhere, no matter what happens next, no matter who next, if there’s any next, he’s not going anywhere. There was nothing new here. He’s made his statements to Minnesota media and so forth. So this was a performance designed to create this image of contrition and contemplation and serious consideration of how to behave in the future and all that. It’s pure caca, if you ask me.


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